Independent designer


sexy—the natural reveal of women’s glamour that people can’t resist

charming—express the graceful, mysterious, affectionate women sense

confidence—using fashion and addict to transmit the passionate of women

The brand

“Chinese Knitting Queen”

Shenzhen Denghao Fashion Co., Ltd. established in March 1993.

The Deng Hao brand is not restricted by rules and limitations in its adoption of colors and patterns in design. The particular strength is in the matching of red and green. Much of the inspiration for the brand comes from architecture. The knitting textures are developed with architectural elements, sometimes transparent and light as lace and sometimes stylish with edges and convexes. Yarns are granted with boundless possibilities. Flowers are the “soul” element of Deng Hao brand.

There is a flower fairy in the heart of every woman…

“Deng Hao” insists on its own design and development that result in high color saturation and floral patterns like oil paintings. The eight-color camellia flowers, cashew patterns, Matisse and the traditional Chinese paper cutting patterns all form elements in the designs of our brand.

“Let women as good-looking as flowers” is not only her greatest wish, but also Deng Hao Fashion’s greatest goal!