Independent designer


Qi Gang, designer and winner of highest fashion design award – Golden Top Award. Furthermore, Qi Gang has been named to the top ten fashion designers in China and he has been awarded “Master” at the Shanghai Fashion Week. Qi Gang is also the director of China Fashion Designers Association and fashion trend research fellow. Most importantly, Qi Gang is original art and director of brand founder.

Qi Gang has styled various celebrities for many years, he has become one of the most popular designer among China’s celebrities and socialites .

The brand

QIGANG’s fashion styles are elegant and magnificent, careful about texture, and layering for subtle translucence. QIGANG’s main silhouettes are S shape and X shape with H shape forms. QIGANG combines the latest international fashion trend and applies variety of different handwork techniques of east and west, such as: Inter-weave, layering, pleating, 3D embroidery, and 3D cutting. The handwork techniques are applied perfectly to match the decorations’ delicate detail and the techniques that emphasize on fashion art’s sense of space. The luxurious elements of Haute Couture skills are applied on QIGANG’s high end ready-to-wear collection; and, QIGANG’s made to measure high end ready-to-wear and dresses are unique to its customers and it is a special value upgrade feature for QIGANG customers.